Junior Hoops u7 Bears vs. Rosegrove Gorillas

With the Saints providing the pre match entertainment with the early morning kick off and go marching on the Gorillas are too strong and exact revenge on a mauling the bears dished out in January.

With warm weather training at the camp Pits Marl taking its toll on Tommy Bootroom start with Rocco in goal, Elliott defending, midfield pairing of Alex and Lucas with Josh attacking from the wing with super subs Jonah and Luciano. In the traditional green and white hoops proudly sponsored by Go Stroll Bears are quick out the blocks and are passing the ball around the Leisure Box and Josh beats two defenders and pin point cross to Alex to control and shoot in one movement to opening the scoring.

Elliott is once again organised in defence and sets Lucas on a run through on goal but is tripped just about to shoot. Alex steps up and bends it like Beckham with speed and height to beat the wall and dip over the goalkeeper for goal of the season contender. Not many can master the Beckham free kick technique like that, again testimony to the bootroom British bulldog routines and dedication to practice.

Gorillas are not beaten yet and fight back with fast paced counter attacks, winning a direct free kick themselves which even the Pope wouldn’t have saved (Nick not Francis). From the restart Rocco makes a great fingertip save and the corner is wasted but from the throw in another free kick awarded that Gorillas work well to find space to score the equaliser. Half time.

Second half and Elliott takes the gloves as Luciano and Jonah are straight in the action and Alex sets up Josh who shoots just wide. Lucas is running nonstop and Rocco battling in midfield as Luciano does a nice klivert turn and pass to Jonah flying down the wing, step over and cross but just wide of mark.

Gorillas are an experienced fighting force, well drilled in the art of force fighting and take the lead with a smartly taken goal, a lead they will defend until the end.