North Bury Junior Football League Cup 1st round

Breightmet United v Junior Hoops Bears U9s 22 January 2022

Not a dry eye in the house as AA Projects sponsored Bears dream of Wembley over for another year as I’d lie to you and that’s the truth to say Breightmet living on the razors edge and just too strong.

Access Control Bootroom took the words right out of my mouth and got the bears all revved up as straight from the whistle the home team after a warm welcome to the neighbourhood create a real pressure cooker, ball bobbled out, here comes the throw in and what a throw and for crying out loud Tommy blind as a bat misses the corner and easy tap in for the striker.

Lennon just won’t quit and shoots just wide, that kid really makes things happen out there but Breightmet are taking a pretty big lead. Bootroom think if it aint broken break it and bring on the subs. Zaki having a parents player of the match type match and two out of three shots on target not bad. Louie is all revved up and definitely with a place to go, I swear its true standing on top of the world after Accy pinch a point last week. Henry faster than the speed of night, quickest to react from a great corner and produces a moment of gold, flashes of light, contender for goal of the day.

Half time and lets talk about proud sponsors of the Bears AA Projects an innovative, independent property consultancy providing quality services and solutions including a wide range of quantity surveying and cost consultancy services.  

Second half and the sea is whipping the sky, the sky is whipping the sea but Aiden not hiding away from the storm, not letting up at all, strong in midfield and Jonah rock n roll hero flying down the wing after a wkd party last night and producing a man of the match type product.

For what its worth Ben is having a blinder, giving off sparks supporting the defence and no bad attitude. There’s a clash in the middle, a flame in the sky as modern girl Ayishah runs the midfield, leaves three defenders in the mud and shoots, great save but Elliott like a bat out of hell, moonlight shining through, faster than any other player, first to react to fire home, goal of the day contender. Great boleros of fire. Just time for Tommy to hit the highway on a silver black phantom bike.