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Junior Hoops FC

The Name

The club will begin life as a feeder club to Haslingden St Marys in the West Lancashire League.  This is the most realistic and viable expectation for any junior footballer beginning their journey. Although we have had unprecedented success in the past 10 years in guiding players to the cusp of professional football the percentage who make a living from football is relatively tiny.  The next step from Haslingden St Marys will be AFC Darwen and Ramsbottom who are both on the National football pyramid. Haslingden St Marys will be the club we are closely linked with, and they are nicknamed ‘The Hoops’.  The junior section of the club will be Junior Hoops FC.

About the club

The club was founded in 2018 by Phil White and Michael Fogarty.  It was developed to provide junior football for all.  Most local clubs are as inclusive as they can be if the new player is talented, but we aim to be different.  We will never say no.  Football for all.  At our previous club, the age groups we were responsible for were the most successful at the club in every way and that was down to one thing; inclusivity, never say no. Other clubs are not in a position to include everyone, but we are, and we will.  The wider the base at the bottom the higher the project can reach


Junior football is split into age groups which makes it very hard for weaker players or late starters to find a team.  Development of these players has been put on hold in the past.  We have devised a development centre to combat this and I know that the method we use will push players on to the next level if they want it.  If your child is not playing matches straight away please be patient.  We will endeavour to remedy this ASAP.  All players who register will get the chance to train with their own age group and extra sessions are available.

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