JHFC u10 Eagles v Fulledge White

With the usual manager away Lorraine Smith stepped up to the plate.  The team has yet to win this season so expectations weren’t too high. 

The Eagles turned up to Brierfield to find a frosty 3G and Smith had the troops warming up.  After speaking to the Fulledge hierarchy the JHFC coaching staff were expecting a royal hammering.

The game started off with a Fulledge goal and then some good play by The Eagles. Fulledge took advantage of inexperienced defending and went two up. 

The game was then played on an even kiel  for a few minutes and ‘The new kid in town’ Oscar Savage who lives ‘Life in the fast lane’ had ‘One of these nights’. Savage broke through and scored for The Eagles. This made the ‘Witchy Woman’ jump for joy on the sidelines. 

The Eagles were matching the Opposition and playing some good football.  The Midfield were playing well but not working hard enough.  With some more games under their belt and some good guidance, they will be the makings of a good team. 

 Unfortunately, it was ‘Heartache Tonight’ but The Eagles will ‘Get over it’.