Jacks football journey started 10 years ago when he teamed up with Coach Phil White as a baby faced five year old. Immediately it was clear that Jack had ability and a very confident natural swagger.  On his debut in 2010 against Rishton, Jack scored an overhead kick in a comfortable win and that debut was to typify the next ten years for Jack.

Jack was part of potentially the best 7 a side team in the County and although Jack was technically capable, it was decided that he would drop down a level in order to develop.  Jacks fantastic attitude to football and mellow personality ensured that instead of being negative it was a positive.  He had more time to show his skills, he was now technically the best in the squad and his confidence grew and grew under the guidance of Billy Lomas and Dave Vickers.  Jack was still training with both teams and getting the best of both worlds.  By the age of 9 when the team lost the first 4 of many to professional clubs Jack answered the call. 

When Jack got to high school he was known throughout the valley for his football ability and then he became an important member of the best school team in the area along with many of his Saturday team mates and the best player he has ever played with (Alex Ogilvie).

Jack collected 30 trophies in his ten year career so far and hopefully there will be more to come.  12 months after starting high school Jack was part of the team that won the North Bury League Main cup 3-0. Jack states this as his favourite moment in football so far.

In his tenth season with his current squad, Jack has started the season superbly.  Jack is playing in the JPL with Junior Hoops Fc U16 and he is flying.  Over the past ten years Jack has been an absolute pleasure to coach and his fantastic attitude is a testament to the guidance and support he has received from his parents. His coaches and teammates receive the benefit from that support.  His development is completely down to his own attitude and completely natural.  The coaches in his life have merely offered him a platform on which to show off his fantastic ability.