Happy Birthday JuniorHoops

CONCEPTION 2018 – DOB: 01 MARCH 2019



The club was formed with four main aims and after just one year we are happy to report that all those aims are being met. 

  1. The opportunity for Children to step up to Pro Clubs is being headed by Michael as 9 JHFC children are training with Manchester United, many with Burnley and a good few scattered at other clubs.
  2. The opportunity to develop young coaches and referees is happening as we have the youngest Futsal coach in the country, we have young people refereeing and numerous 14-18 year old volunteer coaches.
  3. The opportunity for young adults to step into senior football which is happening as 6 young JHFC players played senior football at weekend.
  4. The opportunity for everyone to play football regardless of their ability and this is happening as we speak.  We have not had to turn away one player and we will make sure we don’t.  All players have been welcomed regardless of ability. 

All this is possible because of many volunteers giving up their time to run teams and help out in other ways such as sponsorship, designing websites, attending meetings and providing welfare expertise. There are too many to mention in this letter but the young players have a lot to be grateful for.

The committee would like to thank everyone involved for all the good work, and we will continue to grow beyond our amazing start. 

The Committee


Below are some of the teams enjoying great inclusive football in the Juniorhoops family.