Junior Hoops Bears U7 v Junior Hoops Dragons U7

The magic of the cup saw two of the @HoopsJfc teams meet at the Dome soccer with the road to Wembley pot holed which the local candidates will promise to fill as they did at the last election, anyway onto the dragon training.  Dragons wearing the traditional green and white hoops and Bears in the traditional red, proudly sponsored by Go Stroll start with Tommy Hiccup Haddock III in goal, defence of Elliott the Night Fury, Rocco the Viking Tuffnut and attacking duo of Josh the Viking Snotlout and Jonah the Viking Fishlegs. Super subs are Alex the Bold, Luciano the Torch and Lucas the Thornado.

The battle kicks off with the dragons breathing fire but Hiccup the greatest dragon master and heir to the throne of Berk makes a great save to keep the Hookfang out. Meatlug is extinguished as Elliott in true Night Fury fashion has speed and camouflage to set up Rocco flying down the wing, passes to Jonah great control and finds Josh skips over the tackle of the Hookfang and scores with a slight deflection off the defender. The twins of Bam and Boom are fighting back and Astrid has a scorching shot which Tommy smothers. Elliott makes another Skullcrushing tackle to feed Rocco who has time and composure to score with a left foot volley. The bears are calming the wild dragons now and Jonah’s shot is saved but Josh is quick to hit the loose ball home. The Cloudjumper takes one in the face, could be Toothless and Josh with a twist and turn powers a left foot shot that no Deadly Nadder could stop. Subs are on now as Alex has the patience of a Boneknapper hunting down Gobber the Belch to feed Luciano lighting up the wing to pass to Lucas who battles through two tackles like any Thornado would do and scores. Tuffnut and Ruffnut combine well to set up Joe who has skill and agility to stop the hiccup and get a goal back. Half time. Second half sees the Night fury in goal for the bears and the Light fury in goal for the dragons, both keepers having a busy time to save shots from all angles. Fearless Astrid is defending well as Joe capitalises on the good work of Barf and Belch to wrap up a neat second goal. Dragons not slain yet as the Stormfly sets up Joe for a well-deserved hat trick as Tommy dreaming of the lost treasure of Grimbeard the Ghastly. Elliott saves and quick ball to Luciano, step over and pass to Lucas unmarked and no mistake with a goal good enough to win any cup tie. Bears continue to attack in numbers and Josh caps a fine man of the match performance with another goal and then Jonah deservedly gets his name on the scoresheet after good work down the wing by Alex. Meatlug gets a consolation goal but all in all dragons trained, great advert for the Surridge Cup and without doubt great advert for the work of Simon and Gemma and the bootroom of both Junior Hoops teams and the juniorhoops family