Clitheroe Wolves v Junior Hoops Bears U7s

So, I found myself in the shoes of your great match reporter yet again today and feel that once more my presence helped the Bears with a successful outcome.  We set off from home with Tommy B and Nanny hoping to take in the sights driving over the tops in Pendle.  Instead we were subjected to the Pendle mist but there were no witches to be seen this time.

It was touch and go finding the Wolves home ground but Nanny the navigator was on the case spotting the helpful message from Gem giving a more exact GPS position.

I was hopeful for an indoor game after my last experience when in glorious sunshine we played indoors.  However, I was unlucky and wellies and brollies were the order of the day.  Anyhow onto the football……. we had 7 Bears all raring to go, Tommy in goal, Elliott defending, Josh midfield and attacking duo of Alex and Lucas, super subs Rocco and Jonah. After several shots on goal from Lucas the Wolves prowled and managed to sneakily snatch a goal.  Tommy saved it too far over the line so refs decision: Its a goal!  The VAR debate goes on. The fight back began and we quickly responded and the Bears were bulldozing the goals in.  Lucas, Alex and Jonah all successful in their attempts.    Future England footballers in the making to be sure.

Josh had his debut goalie experience in the second half and one of the many saves he made has to be right up there with the save of the season. 

So I did a bit more research and It seems the strength of a wolf lies in the combined strength of its pack. So one wolf would most likely not survive on its own… much less against Bears. … Wolves don’t really fight against animals bigger and stronger than them.

Man of the match today goes to Alex for fancy footwork. Well done!!

The journey home was very eventful as on the way out some unfortunate fan was stuck in the ditch and the Bears were too exhausted to pull him out (Tommy B fast asleep in the car).  Hopefully the wolves will use their pack strength to pull him clear.