Junior Hoops u7 Bears vs. Blackburn Eagles

With Man U fans staying till the final whistle to avoid the traffic Bears find the Bootroom empty so up step Adam and Marcin and start with five in the traditional green and white hoops proudly sponsored by Go Stroll of Tommy in goal, Elliott defending, midfield of Alex and Josh with striker Lucas. Super subs are Jonah, Luciano and Rocco.

The Eagles are an experienced team who use the wall to good effect and have a strategy to deliberately shoot wide to fool the keeper to allow the striker to hit home the rebound into an empty net, in all a strategy that worked well as at least eight of their eleven goals came this way. This reporter has started a campaign to bring back the old fashioned rules of throw ins and corners if the ball goes out of play. Whilst the Soccerdome continues to be a great venue for winter footy a bit of paint to mark the lines wouldn’t go a miss.

Bears are a joy to watch with intricate pass and move movements to leave the birds of prey flapping. Alex has the first shot on target and Elliott is strong to avoid a swooping bald eagle and set Josh on his way down the wing. The bootroom have a strategy of their own which involves squad rotation allowing the super subs to quickly get involved in the hunt. Jonah picks up a perfect pass from Luciano and plays a one two with Rocco and fires past the booted eagle. Tommy makes a great save but the ball is kicked out of his hands and unlike the protection de Gea has the ref waves play on and the eagles swoop for another goal. Alex wins and takes a free kick and then Lucas combines well with Rocco and with Elliott in support to give room for Lucas to power home the bears second. Half time.

Second half and eagles continue to circle but with Jonah now in goal and Luciano tidy in defence it is the bears who attack first and as Lucas plays a delightful ball into the path of Josh who makes no mistake from close range. Elliott is enjoying a new role as centre forward as bears are allowed an extra man and this allows Alex to set up Lucas for another great goal. With time running out the eagles justify the tag of the largest and most powerful predators finishing the battle strongest but the bears proud to fight another day.